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Comprehensive mobile service for local communities.

At Countrywide Mobile Ultra Sound, we are fully committed to providing an absolutely positive patient

Our leading sonographer, Danny Pavan also provides a mobile pain management service for suitable patients. This includes administration of injection, support and education for GP’s and more.
Danny commenced study in Medical Ultras Sound in 1999 and has seen many technological advancements in the field. He recognised how essential ultrasound is as a diagnostic medical tool both in routine and emergency situations then with the development of portable machines this enabled ultrasound to travel to communities.
As the internet developed it created and opportunity for Countrywide Mobile Ultrasound to specialise in mobile ultrasound anywhere at any time. 

At Countrywide Mobile Ultrasound, we are fully committed to providing an absolutely positive patient experience.
We do this through our extensive customer service experience thanks to our direct communication and simple and complete follow-up, the ultilisation of advanced imagery and reporting systems and our close collaboration with local GP’S and health care professionals.

The CMU Team

Countrywide Mobile Ultra Sound is supported by a range of health and administrative specialists.
You are our priority.

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